Titan Trade

Titan Trade specializes in modern jewelry. Breaking away from conventional precious metals, our unique jewelry lines are crafted with new generations of materials that appeal to image-conscious customers. Tungsten Tungsten Carbide is popular for its endurance, brilliance and beauty. Our Tungsten rings and bracelets are famous for their inlays, making them look textured, yet smooth. Titanium Titanium jewelry is popular for its lightness and resilience. Our Titanium line uses high-tech manufacturing to blend gold, silver and diamond. Steel Steel is an alloy of iron with carbon and is favored our value-conscious customers. Ceramic Ceramic jewelry is one of our newest arrivals. It is scratch-resistant, durable and smooth to the touch. Titan Trade imposes a high standard on its business practices. We strive to provide accurate information about our products with no exaggeration. Communicating well, treating customers respectfully and listening to all feedback are our principles for customer service.